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Quattro Cross Event Kenya

Fun in the sticks


Many people may not know that Kenya has a vibrant motor sport circuit that encompasses motor cross, rallying and some assorted off road events. Here I am introducing people to the Robs Magic Quattro cross event. The event is usually held
Twice a year. The proceeds of the event are used in wildlife conservation much like the more famous Rhino Charge. The event in March was held in a disused quarry in Athi River which is about 30km from downtown Nairobi. The day was warm but comfortable and the driving good.
Just one more great thing to do in Kenya.

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Favourite Weekend Activity

Right the weekends afoot and it's time to break out the old clubs and head out for the course and play what must be the most frustrating but enjoyable game on earth,but played among enchantingly beautiful surroundings.
My usual course is the Golf park at the jockey club of kenya. a round costs about $15 inclusive of caddy fee's. Where else in the world can you play for that much??.
Any one coming to kenya try to include an afternoon at the golf park.
Plus if it is a race day sunday you get to watch the horses zoom by as you drive and putt.

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A Mzungu's(white man) View of kenya

Different point of view

i thought this would be very interesting

From September to October 2003 I spent a month in Kenya. I had never been there before. Sure, my wife is Kenyan, so I had some idea of what to expect.

Oh, well, I am at a loss for words. Perhaps this link will help you understand I had a great time, saw neat stuff, met great people, etc.:
link starts the trip in London, although the trip really started at San Francisco International Airport).
enjoy Mzungu

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The truth about kenya

From a Kenyan


Hey all
My name is Kigo kare.The news that comes out of Africa and in particular Kenya from the western media is usually very one sided, the truth is kenya is a beautiful place with it's fair share of troubles just like anywhere. I hope i will be of help in dispelling the rumours. I dont work in the tourism industry but i love my country. Where else can you drive 20min from down town and be in an unspolied place as it is today as it has always?.By the way i have been to a couple of the game parks but it was in the Nairobi National park (20 min from Downtown) that i saw my very first and only lion kill, talk about a wow moment.

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